Saturday, 14 October 2017

Perspectives - Sherrie Levine - Week 4

Sherrie Levine uses other peoples original artwork and makes it into something  very similar but changes just a couple of things, she put's her own stamp into the works changing the history of the piece and inserts parasite meaning to it. Marcel Duchamp did a similar thing beforehand by "vandalising" the Mona Lisa, the idea of individuals doing this to work was mischievous and exciting.

Postmodern Definitions - Week 4

Avant - garde - Making a new piece of work, using methods not seen before which are experimental and unorthodox.

Nostalgia - Taking a serious piece of work/film etc and adapting parts to exaggerate it, often to make it humorous.

Appropriation - Copying something, but changing the context and/or meaning.

Pastiche - A cultural artefact composed from elements appropriated from other works.

Parody - Mimicking a individual/ piece/ genre etc, and exaggerating it; often to make it humorous.

Irony - Using words or images to convey a meaning, normally opposite to it's literal meaning.

Ideology - A set of beliefs or theories that guide society at that time.

Genre - A specific style or category, such as Art or Film.

Postmodern Definitions - Week 3

Metanarrative - Large scale theories and philosophies of the world, such as religion, science history and art.

Essentialism - Things have a set of characteristics defining them and what they are.

Utopian - A perfect place, the idea of creating a "perfect" society.

Axiomatic - Something that's completely truthful and unquestionable, transparency.

Dystopian - The exact opposite of utopian, a unpleasant or bad place.

Scepticism - Being doubtful about an idea or theory.

Pluralism - Working together for something or a society, despite cultural differences.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Toolkit 2 - Moom Weightlifting - Poses & Arcs in Motion

Moom weightlifting from Ruth Cann on Vimeo.

Extreme Pose 1: 180

Imbetween Pose 1: 198

Extreme Pose 2: 201

In between Pose 2: 205

Extreme Pose 3: 211

Life Drawing - Week 4

20 min Chalk, Charcoal and Ink drawing
(focusing on the light source)

1-5 min Ink Sketches (Part 1)
(focusing on both weight and fluidity of movement)

1-5 min Ink Sketches (Part 2)
(focusing on both weight and fluidity of movement)

20 min Chalk, Charcoal and Ink drawing

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Character Design - Shapes and Styles

The first task I looked into was exploring the fluid strokes of Japanese Calligraphy and finding parts of the symbols that I could recreate through-out my own images and use similar strokes and the same fluidity in my own world.

Above I have looked into incorporating the lines I have practised with the calligraphy. I explored the simplest strokes (giraffe on the left) and more detailed work, pushing how many lines I can add to an image before it over complicates the piece (fish at the bottom)

Here I was doing some quick line-art using the techniques I had learnt in the lesson to create a very stylised ninja, using brush and ink.