Saturday, 14 October 2017

Perspectives - Sherrie Levine - Week 4

Sherrie Levine uses other peoples original artwork and makes it into something  very similar but changes just a couple of things, she put's her own stamp into the works changing the history of the piece and inserts parasite meaning to it. Marcel Duchamp did a similar thing beforehand by "vandalising" the Mona Lisa, the idea of individuals doing this to work was mischievous and exciting.

Postmodern Definitions - Week 4

Avant - garde - Making a new piece of work, using methods not seen before which are experimental and unorthodox.

Nostalgia - Taking a serious piece of work/film etc and adapting parts to exaggerate it, often to make it humorous.

Appropriation - Copying something, but changing the context and/or meaning.

Pastiche - A cultural artefact composed from elements appropriated from other works.

Parody - Mimicking a individual/ piece/ genre etc, and exaggerating it; often to make it humorous.

Irony - Using words or images to convey a meaning, normally opposite to it's literal meaning.

Ideology - A set of beliefs or theories that guide society at that time.

Genre - A specific style or category, such as Art or Film.

Postmodern Definitions - Week 3

Metanarrative - Large scale theories and philosophies of the world, such as religion, science history and art.

Essentialism - Things have a set of characteristics defining them and what they are.

Utopian - A perfect place, the idea of creating a "perfect" society.

Axiomatic - Something that's completely truthful and unquestionable, transparency.

Dystopian - The exact opposite of utopian, a unpleasant or bad place.

Scepticism - Being doubtful about an idea or theory.

Pluralism - Working together for something or a society, despite cultural differences.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Toolkit 2 - Moom Weightlifting - Poses & Arcs in Motion

Moom weightlifting from Ruth Cann on Vimeo.

Extreme Pose 1: 180

Imbetween Pose 1: 198

Extreme Pose 2: 201

In between Pose 2: 205

Extreme Pose 3: 211

Life Drawing - Week 4

20 min Chalk, Charcoal and Ink drawing
(focusing on the light source)

1-5 min Ink Sketches (Part 1)
(focusing on both weight and fluidity of movement)

1-5 min Ink Sketches (Part 2)
(focusing on both weight and fluidity of movement)

20 min Chalk, Charcoal and Ink drawing

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Character Design - Shapes and Styles

The first task I looked into was exploring the fluid strokes of Japanese Calligraphy and finding parts of the symbols that I could recreate through-out my own images and use similar strokes and the same fluidity in my own world.

Above I have looked into incorporating the lines I have practised with the calligraphy. I explored the simplest strokes (giraffe on the left) and more detailed work, pushing how many lines I can add to an image before it over complicates the piece (fish at the bottom)

Here I was doing some quick line-art using the techniques I had learnt in the lesson to create a very stylised ninja, using brush and ink. 

Monday, 9 October 2017

Character Design - 10 Life Drawing Styled Ninja Poses

For my character design lesson, I was required to do 10 drawn images drawn in a realistic style, as my character is a Ninja I looked into various poses and outfits.

Collaboration: Star Wars Reference Video

Star Wars Reference Video from 3 Lemon Productions on Vimeo.

Collaboration: Skit Stills

Star Wars Still

Harry Potter Still

Lord of the Rings Still

Character Design - Jackie Chan Mood Board

Character Design - Spirit World Mood Board

Character Design - Japanese Calligraphy Mood Board

Character Design - Ninja Mood Board

Friday, 29 September 2017

Postmodern Definitions - Week 2

Modernity - Something that is modern.

Structuralism - Trying to find structure under cultures and behaviours. 

Ahistorical - Remains out of history, isn't date-able to a certain era or period.

Objective - Unswayed by cultural beliefs, feelings or opinions, setting aside personal experiences.

Irreducible - Cannot be simplified any farther, in its most simplistic form.

Transparent - Pure, clear, can see through.

Universal - The whole world, relates to everyone.

Definitive - Come to an end, no more versions.

Post-structuralism - Challenges structuralism, argues that a fixed solution for the many might not be suitable for the few or individuals. One size does not fit all idea.

Reflexivity - Non biased opinion.

The Unreliable Narrator - Leaving an audience lacking information or completely clueless, no self explanatory, is normally done specifically to make the audience question the reality.

The Enlightenment Project - This was a point in time where people started looking for the the truth of their world and the universe within science, instead of just God being out there, it brought new ideas to a traditional culture. This was known as the "Age of enlightenment."

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Collaboration: Avatar Storyboard Idea

These are some quick sketches for a two-part skit involving Mo'at and Jake Sully from Avatar.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Life Drawing - Week 2

2x 10 min drawings in Chalk, Charcoal and Pencil

3-5 min Pro-Marker sketches

40 min Chalk and Charcoal drawings

Moom Action Poses 1-5

Testing out Moom Character rig - 5 Action Poses

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Collaboration: Avatar Skit Ideas

After talking with Alan we have realised that our ideas were adding onto the existing films to create the jokes, so after some re-planning, we are coming up with bloopers/tropes that are more based on that film as not to pull away from the project brief, we will be taking inspiration from videos such as CinemaSins found on You-Tube.


Friday, 22 September 2017

Postmodern Definitions - Week 1

High Modernism - also known as High Modernity is a form of Modernism, it focuses on the rules that society will be improved with the development of science and technology. 

Capitalist - An individual who uses their wealth and invests in industry and trade with the principals of capitalism.

Disconnected - Lacking any type of contact with something such as reality.

Super Abundance - Often taken for granted, exceeding and excessive, too much of something.

Simulcra - A representation of something and or someone.

Superficiality - Lacking any depth of thought or thoroughness.

Fragmentary - Separated, split up, not matching the rest, it's incomplete or made up of broken parts or sections.

Pop - Popular with mass media, tends to be modern.

Eclectic - Ideas, style and taste from a wide range of sources.

Nostalgia - Bringing back memories from the past, sentimental.

Depthless - Not a rich or interesting backstory, lacking thought or meaning.

Flippant - Carelessness, not addressing a situation with a serious attitude.

Pastiche - Work that replicates that of a different artist or period.

Bricolage - Creating something using multiple sources or mediums.

Aleatory - Relying on unpredictable outcomes.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Life Drawing - Week 1

20 min Chalk and charcoal drawing
(focusing on weight by darkening and detailing that area)

5 min Pro-Marker drawing
(looking at white space, movement, and weight)

20 min charcoal, chalk and pencil drawing
(focusing on weight and shading)

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Collaboration: Ident Idea 1

Ident Idea 1 from 3 Lemon Productions on Vimeo.

Just experimenting on how the logo can be simply brought to life, with just a small amount of animating.

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Fantastic Voyage - Reflective statement

At the beginning of this project, I was fairly nervous, due to my lack of knowledge in my briefs subject. I had always found science really hard and hugely confusing, because of this I knew I needed to get myself going from the very beginning with thumbnails and a lot of research for this project. I felt as if I had a fairly good idea of what I wanted my animation to be like fairly early on which I found comforting due to the difficulties with the last project. Also because I had talked to Jordan fairly early on he was able to push me towards an art style that was ideal for my project. 
I was hugely proud of myself for going out of my comfort zone when it came to contacting a voice actor as I get nervous working on something completely new for the first time as I didn't know what to expect. I feel that I have learnt a huge amount from the experience itself. It also helped to pay for the voice actor as it gave my animation some "value" so it pushed me to work even harder on the project. 
Towards the end of the project I did feel as if I struggled with it, I didn't know what to have as a background which threw me for quite a while, and also I wanted to really keep to my original animatic meaning I struggled trying to use N Particles in Maya, and due to me spending so long on that part I didn't have time to theme it more like UPA Animation and in the end it did look odd in my final piece (I will be going back to my animation during the holidays and sorting out parts, as I feel as if it's close to being finished, but I know I can make it better.) I will also be looking into the hand and making it more UPA styled. 
Even though I had these problems I was really pleased with my final piece, it was pretty much exactly how I wanted it to look in the end and I was thrilled with my voice actor as I felt it really helped. I also was happy that I had tried out some new techniques for the first time and created an animation that I could say I was really proud of. 

Artists Toolkit - Life Drawing Submission

Life Drawing by Ruth Cann on Scribd

Alien - to be continued

I got half way through the final video of my alien, and when I went to UV it and it went horribly wrong, I am not quite sure what has happened to it or why so I am going to be seeing if I can either fix it or re-do it over the summer holidays :(

Life Drawing - Week 22

15 - 20 min Pencil (working on weight)
10 - 60 second moving poses Pro-Marker
30 Second Pro-Marker
20-30 min Chalk, Charcoal and Pencil